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Pantai Seminyak

Various hotels and villas in Seminyak area can be found near the beach as well at the inner part of the region. The area of Seminyak is further north from central Kuta city bordered at the south by Legian town and at the north bordered by Krobokan town. Both Seminyak and Legian previously was connected solely by narrow Legian street until late 1999 when sunset road was opened splitting the area of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Krobokan up to Tanah Lot. From sunset road the access to Seminyak is more easy by north area, especially to the beach through what was known as Oberoi street, after the famous resort of The Bali Oberoi Resort. The beach of Seminyak has the same character of the beach on Legian and Kuta, yet until recently it is considered more quiet and relaxing.

Legian Beach Changes of hotels on the beach of Seminyak has been fast, as in the past beside3s the Oberoi the beach had famous Intan Hotel, Resor Seminyak as the up class hotels, but now already deconstructed except the Oberoi is still operating. While at a bit more inner part of the town Vila Lumbung is the best available accommodation. See from sunset road at the east of Seminyak town there are many villas, deluxe villas such as Seminyak Lagoon and The Villas Hotel. One can find various private villas on this part of the town before the Legian street. It is very rare the type of standard budget hotels on this town. This is almost the same as Krobokan town.

Most of these type of villas offering not cheap price beside the choice of accommodation are limited to 1 or 3 bedroom with or without private pool. Private villas with only 2 or 3 standing villas are plenty, but on consideration of various aspects this type of villas will not be suggested here. For those travelers who really need private villas would best guided by a professional tour operator for consideration of various aspects, although Seminyak is known as one of best quiet and relaxing place to spend holiday.

Places along Abimanyu street and Diana Pura street in the past was known as pretty party zone with various type of restaurants, cafes, and entertainments. The ancient street that connect Seminyak from Kuta and Legian here is also still have the name Jalan Legian. On the left and right sides of this street are famous various quality export goods from wooden handicrafts, garment handicraft and various small souvenir items especially produced for exports or offered in retail for guests passing by the area.

Spectacular recreation such as waterboom park is one highlight to family holiday in the area of Kuta. This recreation is located on the south of Kuta in the town of Tuban. Tuban is the closest town to international Ngurah Rai airport, has the same beautiful beach as central Kuta city. The border of this town with Kuta central city is around Kuta square or along Bakung Sari street.

Bungee Jumping, an adventurous outdoor activities is found at Legian town, northern area of central Kuta. This town is bordered by Melasti street

One of the most interesting place in Kuta is shopping, and what it got the name of shopping paradise from folk products to the modern items such as those found at the Kuta Square, located just on the border of central Kuta city and Tuban town.


Puri Naga Seaside Cottages located on the beach front of Legian town, Legian beach is adjacent with the famous beach of Kuta central which stretches north-south around 4 kms long from Ngurah Rai international airport. Only US$ 45.00/room/night

Dewa Bharata Hotel located in the serene place of Kuta yet close to the center of business area of both central Kuta and Legian, the only 2 star with best rates US$ 52.00/room/night

Wina Holiday Villa Resort located just on the famous beach front of central Kuta city, only separated by Pantai street. Only US$ 65.00/room/night.

Ratna Hotel equivalent with 3 star hotel located in the town of Tuban around 1 km to the famous beach of Kuta, 800 mters from most bustling shopping center of Kuta Square, close to Jogger shops and various restaurants along Tuban street. Only US$ 50.00/room/night

Karthi Hotel very close to Ngurah Rai international airport at the southern part of Tuban town. Easy access to the shopping centers of Tuban and Kuta central. Offers best rate among its level, only US$ 45.00/room/night

Hotels and villas in Seminyak town are mainly can be found around :
Beach area
Inner part of the town
Jalan Oberoi

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